13 June 2014

Tour Divide 2014...

The Tour Divide starts tomorrow. At over 4000km, just following it over the net is epic! There are a couple of Kiwis (that I know of) riding this year. Keep an eye out for Geof and Rob on the TD tracking page here

11 March 2014

What next?

First up, if you haven't filled in the feedback form mentioned a couple of posts ago, get stuck in and share some of your experience. Then check out all the feedback given already - quite entertaining. There are also some great write-ups and photos to be seen (see the list over on the right).

Also, we have about 20 Kiwi Brevet musettes left. I've paid for them and made the $500 donation to the Castle Hill trail builders, so now I really, really want to move them on. They're only $16 - bargain! See the 'how to buy' instructions in the last post.

When's the next Kiwi Brevet? Well, Scott and Jo have volunteered to run it (and the Brevette) in the future - yee haa! They're going to run it in the first week of February 2015 (starting on the 31st of Jan). To fit in with that timing, the Tawhio o Whanganui will (if run again) most likely be moved to late 2014.

In Feb-March 2016, Jonathan will be running Tour Aotearoa - a 3000 km brevet from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It will follow a similar route to the one described at the back of Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails. The route will be updated at the end of next year to include several sections of new cycle trails that are currently being constructed.

This length-of-New-Zealand brevet will be organised along the same lines as this year's Kiwi Brevet, and will probably be a one off event (who would be crazy enough to do this ride twice?). No entry fees, no prizes, just an unforgettable ride that will take from 15 to 30 days.

Tour Aotearoa will also have two brevette options: the North Island section and the South Island section (both around 1500 km long).

12 February 2014

Kiwi Brevet 2014 Musettes

We have about 20 of these sturdy and stylish musettes left...and they are a bargain at just $16 including postage! We guarantee they'll last longer than your average saddle sore.

If you'd like one (or two) send your address and a cheque to Simon Kennett, 22 West Rd, Northland, Wellington. Alternatively, email me you postal address and you can deposit the payment into my BNZ account. My email is simon [at] kennett [dot] co [dot] nz

09 February 2014

What did you like the most?

You are invited to share your e\xperiences from your Kiwi Brevet / Brevette adventure. Click on the links below:

08 February 2014

Saturday's Updates

The full(er) picture

Still lots of drama happening out on the roads. Here is series of texts from Steve MacLeod:
"Epic fail. Been nurturing my rippied tyre for 350 km. Finally shredded itself on the straight flat Ranwick Road. All tubes have been blown. Just too far to carry the bike before my flight back to Auck. Although my detour up the scenic Okuku Pass puts me at well over 1100 km, I have done only 99.9% of the course. So see you next time for a finish in Symour Square. Many thanks to everyone." Steve at 12:12am

Six hours later, just after dawn...
"But wait! Went to pack my bike away and found my spare tyre. So off to complete the Ranwick to Seymour Square." Steven.

And three hours later...
"At the airport and done thanks. So my official time should be 100% of the course in about a week, which I think is perfect time in the spirit of a brevet. And having not showered for about a week, some poor person has to sit next to me on the plane, still wearing my soggy stinky mtb shoes. Cheers. Over and out. Steven MacLeod".

Meanwhile, Lou decided not to take her road bike over the Rainbow and has cycle 136 km today to Kaikoura! She said it was beautiful. Good for her.

Now it really is wonderful to hear all the stories from different riders. So a BIG THANKS to Richard for writing up a blog today. Here is the link to his most excellent adventure: http://www.velocrazy.blogspot.co.nz/

And finally, for today, we are wishing all the best for the riders still out on the course :-)

07 February 2014

They have him!

A big thank you to Michelle and Richard for going out, covering big miles to find Dean and take him back to their place to recover. Dean has had a helluva day, but has survived to ride again :-)

Thanks to John Randal, Shane Wetzel, Paul Kennett, Oxford Police and others who supported the rescue.

Update on Rescue

Michelle and Richard have just passed through Oxford and are 50 km away from Dean travelling at about 60 kph. Dean is back on Okuku Pass Road and is heading north, away from them.

Go Michelle and Richard! Reel him in!